There are a lot of questions surrounding harvest, especially for first time growers. You might be starting to realize how much work harvesting is without the appropriate equipment. I will answer questions about equipment and cover how you can save money, time and space by utilizing it. 

What is a bucker/debudder?

A bucker or debudder is a machine that is used to pull the buds from the plant. It can perform the same task as doing it by hand in a fraction of the time replacing up to four workers.

1. Save Money

The cost efficient reason for using a bucker/debudder is the cost of the equipment would be less than or equal to the cost of wages for the same amount of work. As a novice harvester, you do all the work yourself or have friends and family to help you with your harvest. If you have the capital you may hire a crew to do it for you. That expense will hit your checking account before you receive your first hard earned payment. 

2. Save Time

Harvesting hemp is like picking tomatoes, you have to pick it when it’s ripe and it doesn’t last long on the shelf. As growers we have a limited time to harvest our crops before it goes hot and exceeds the 0.3% THC limit.

Secondly, we have to dry our hemp before mold and degradation sets in. 

If you had to hammer 1,000 nails you could do everything by hand, tediously striking the same nail over and over until it’s in place, or you could use a nail gun. With that in mind, let's look at the average amount saved per acre by using this machine. Here are the assumptions below:

With the inputs above you will break even on your purchase with less than one acre on the base bucker model and save 366 hours of labor which is essential during harvest. Time implies storage costs, risks of your crop molding and less time to spend managing the rest of your harvest. When combined with the other harvesting machines you can save significant time and at scale a lot of money in one harvesting season.

If you are processing for cbd oil you have two options for a bucker / debudder.

Both EZ Trim and Centurion Pro can buck wet or dry. Bucking wet will save you space when drying but is not optimal for smokeable flower. Bucking dry will save a tremendous amount of time removing the bud from each branch. A debudder has different sized holes that pull the branch in and strip the bud.

See the video below for how a bucker works.

Here is a video of EZ Trim’s entire ecosystem.

3. Save Space

If you opt to wet trim you have the added benefit of not hanging your crop to dry, which will require ~4,300 sq ft or one tenth of your growing square footage (1 acre = 43,560 sq ft) per acre. You will still have to dry and store your bud but you will also save a lot of space for this process.

Once again, if you are not growing for smokable flower this might be the most cost effective and space effective way to dry your crop.

Take a second to sit down and analyze your workforce and expenses to determine which equipment will be best for you. If you are short on hands, money, and time, consider a bucker/debudder to make for a more efficient harvest.

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