CenturionPro Mini

CenturionPro Mini


The CenturionPro Mini trimmer is a powerhouse in a small package and is one of the most sought-after trimming machines on the market. Don't be fooled by the name, this miniature version of the original CenturionPro trimmer, packs quite the punch. Sitting at a 25? in length X 10? wide X 24? high and only weighing 65lbs, the Mini Pro is built for medium sized operations. *CenturionPro machines come all-inclusive with both wet and dry tumblers, hopper, leaf collector and triple-bag kief collection system*

  • Trimmer Specs

    Input Voltage: 6Amp – 110V NA 3Amp – 220V EU/AUS
    Weight: 65 lbs.
    Dimensions: 25"L x 10"W x 35"H
    Tumbler Diameter: 6.5"
    Tumbler Length: 27"
    Number of Tumblers: 1 Wet and 1 Dry
    Human Trimmer Replacement: 18 people
    Processing Capability: Dry: 15 lbs/Hr Wet: 75 lbs/hr
    Cuts Per Minute: 25,000
  • Leaf Collector Specs

    Input Voltage: 14Amp – 110V NA 7Amp-220V EU/AUS
    Dimensions: 19″L x 19″W x 16"H
    Weight: 60 lbs.
    Horsepower: 1.5 hp
    Air Flow Capacity: 2000 CFM