Futurola Knockbox 3

Futurola Knockbox 3

A must-have for all dispensary and commercial grow facilities, the Futurola Knockbox Cone Filling System will make an immediate impact in your after harvest process. Fill more cones faster!

The Futurola Knockbox 3 is compatible with more than 16 varieties of Futurola (and other brand) pre-rolled cones that range in size from .5 gram pre-rolled cones up to 2-gram pre-rolled cones. Futurola has developed the Knockbox 3 over many years to provide the highest level of client satisfaction.


The Futurola Knockbox 3 improves upon the huge popularity of Futurola's first two Knockbox commercial pre-roll machines, now allowing you to fill 100 pre rolls in 2 minutes flat (Depending on Filling Kit) .

This improvement on the massively popular Knockbox pre-roll machine reliably produces premium joints packed at just the right consistency; not too tight, not too loose, making them the most even burning pre-roll possible.


The Knockbox 3 Includes:

  • Knockbox 3 Base
  • Standard Filling Kit
  • Controller / Power Cord
  • Spill Tray
  • Wooden Box

The original Knockbox took the industry by storm. Now, take it to even higher with the quality performance and stunning results of the Futurola Knockbox 3 automatic pre roll filling machine.

The Knockbox 3 comes with the Standard Filling Kit . This kit can fill 100 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes


Standard Kit Includes:

  • Standard Filling Device
  • 36mm Mix Tray
  • Unload Station Plus (Standard/Reefer Size)
  • Wooden Box


Standard Filling Kit is compatible with*:

  • 1 1/4 Size 84/26 Pre-Rolled Cones - 0.5 Gram Capacity
  • Slim Size 98/26 Pre-Rolled Cones - 0.7 Gram Capacity
  • King Size 109/21 + 109/26 Pre-Rolled Cones - 1.0 Gram Capacity

*Crown diameter ranging from 11-12.5mm

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    $4,800.00Sale Price