Futurola Shredder

Futurola Shredder

The New Futurola Shredders easily shreds pounds of product in seconds. It was designed for even and consistent filling of the Futurola's Knockbox.


The adjustable timer goes from 0 to 15 seconds. The tunnel is manufactured from food grade 304 stainless steel and the whips are made with food grade nylon. Also features rubber tires and uses 120 volts (normal wall outlet) for easy operation anywhere. Made in USA. Comes with one year warranty through manufacturer.

To secure product inside the shredder, the machine is designed with a plexigas lid with a magnetic closure. Pair this with Futurola Knockbox 3 and you can fill up to 100 cones in 2 minutes.

  • Overview

    Model Capacity Height
    Mini 0.7 lbs. 27 in.
    Original 3 lbs. 50 in.
    Super 3 lbs. 45 in.
    Mega 5 lbs. 52 in.
    Mega Plus* 7 lbs. 55 in.