Greenbroz Model M

Greenbroz Model M

Our Dry Trimmers produce a hand trim quality and operate on three key principles; they’re quick, quiet, and gentle on your flower. The patented blade design and gentle rolling action provide a very tight finish, while protecting purity, potency, and the natural curves of your flower. Built with food-grade material, our trimmers are easy to load, operate, unload, and clean. 


  • Trimmer Specs

    Input Voltage: 115v 60Hz at 40W .7 Amp
    Weight: 65 lbs.
    Assembled Dimensions: 56"L x 33"W x 28"H
    Timer 30min on/off 
    Processing Capability: Dry: 8-12 lbs/Hr 
    Cuts Per Minute:

    Variable 1-20 Per Min